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i shut my eyes in order to see


Decompress, regroup, focus.



6/5/14- I limped across the stage with a funny looking hat, gown, crutches, and a swollen and sprained ankle. This wasn’t for me. It was for the woman sat 20 feet away from me with tears in her eyes. Yes this was for you more than anything. Constant icing with vicodin helped but i would have crawled across if i had to. 

"There are few moments in life when a person can truly be happy. Don’t take that away from her."

I have finished what i wanted to do. For her at least. In some ways, i felt a stone lifted from my chest as i am able to “pay” off my gratitude and the sacrifices she has made.

I still have a journey ahead of me. Be patient.

Doctor they call me now but first and foremost i am proud to be your son. 

This was all for you.

I figured out what i want to do with my life. 

I am slow. I am reminded of where i am 4 years ago. The path to success has always been smooth and unhindered. Yes, there is setback but i have a knack to circumvent them even with a severe case of procastination.

Do your dues. Bottom bitch. It’s never been about the money, the fame, the social ladder. It’s always been about me. It’s me that i am trying to surpass. It’s never been about the destination but rather the journey and the obstacles that i constantly seek to overcome. It has always been the motivation, the hard work, and the sweetness of finally tasting success. 

It’s a big commitment. It’s challenging. I won’t lie and say i am not scared. I am scared. I have goosebumps thinking about it. With a hint nervousness with a bit of excitement, I look forward and slowly but surely i will get it. 


Camo X Life & Death


Camo X Life & Death

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